5 comments on “New Music From Yogya

  1. Terima kasih for the spreading, Jakartass! 🙂

    I know your site from the link on Henk’s blog (Mad Rotter), and no, I’m not from Indonesia, but I travelled there for a longer time in the past and through my sister have a strong connection.

    My main resource for Indonesian music (especially classic Jaipongan) is Mad Rotter.


    P. S.: Thanks also for the link to my blog in your bloglist – I’d done the same to yours! 😀

    • Salam juga, Lucky.

      We’re both fans of compilations and we seem to have complementary music tastes,

      Do please also drop by Indojazzia for the compilations, and more, that I post there.

      PS. The next time you’re Indonesia bound, do please drop me a line and perhaps we could have a Bintang-fueled get together.

      • I’ve only been twice in Indonesia, first in ’99 for, where I travelled SE Asia for 10 months, then in 2014 with my family for 2 months, travelling only Bali + Java. Do you also live in Bandung like Henk? 🙂

        I’m not much of a beer drinker (or alcohol in general), but I might love some Salak’s (which are impossible to get in here).

        • Well spotted, although Indonesians think he’s Pak Satay. 😉

          As for where I live, it’s in my name. I’ve written extensively about life here, which you can find out about by browsing through Jakartass.net

          It might seem strange … and it does to me … but Henk and I have yet to meet except online, although I have ‘fed’ him several cassettes which he’s digitalised and posted in Mad Rotter.

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