3 comments on “God Loves Jazz

  1. Thanks for this lovely personal article, really enjoyed reading it… 😀

    …despite my almost complete disinterest or ignorance in Pat Metheny’s music. I only have one CD with him “Song X”, and for Ornette and not Metheny.

    And about the compilation – I enjoyed 2 tracks, Tatum and Hassell. The former is one of my all-time heros, the Complete Pablo Group Masterpieces was one of my earliest purchaseses. The latter track is the only one I own on CD, from “Dressing for Pleasure”, one album by Hassell I always had my problems with, with modern dance stuff in it etc.

    • I posted this here ‘by mistake’, Lucky. My jazz compilations are intended for IndoJazzia, but once posted I figured I’d let it stay because the events which have made a possible martyr out of the best governor for 40 years … well, certainly for the 29 years I’ve been here … have got many of us frazzled and confused.

      I’ll be posting something else here about the effing perverted idiots in a day or so, something I hope is a message of hope, yet may get me accused of being an infidel.

      If so, I’ll post this as well; it was a major hit in France during my first visit there and has been an irritant in my brain ever since.

      PS. Song X is the one Metheny album I never play.

      • Haha, confusion first! 🙂

        I would lie if I tell you that I play “Song X” often, but Ornette’s music has a very special place in my heart, his music is full of soul and beauty, and that’s a rare thing…

        My sister informed me about the imprisonment of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama – the evil guys never learned from history, what a shame.

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