This is an example of a WordPress (WP) sub-page.
Willards Wormholes had many, for SORL, BORL, and the many Wormholes

So I’m wondering if a BSORL (Bastard Son Of Readers Links) could be set up.

Current thoughts.
1. is very user friendly.
However, it is far more flexible in terms of widgets, plugins (e.g.forums) if the site has a registered domain name (other than, say with its own server.
— Sub-pages for ‘genres’, or maybe a forum or chat box

2. An ‘Editorial Board‘ to share the workload
— Administrator + editors :
— to ensure that the site doesn’t run afoul of legislation re ‘internet piracy’.
(Internet surveillance is going to be more stringent, so some thoughts on protecting the privacy of users, readers, may be necessary. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me … blah, blah...)

3. Etcetera, et al, and so on …

2 comments on “BSORL

  1. No replies yet? I would appreciate a WordPress site! I thought about creating a forum but I’ve never done that before.

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