NME Compilations

*This pic shows what I have in a drawer: most are undigitalised and unplayed for years.

In the ’80s, the UK’s New Musical Express, founded in 1949, released a number of compilations with c.20 tracks, some of which I have sitting in a drawer.* I haven’t had a cassette player for a number of years so those I’ve uploaded may (not) be my rips, but they are my links. Unless stated, all are at a variable 220+kbs, with scans.

These are what I have digitalised, but you’ll have to email me to re-upload them.

NME/Rough Trade C81 – the first one released (1981)
lan Dury, Robert Wyatt, and another 23 tracks by Rough Trade artists
Stompin’ At The Savoy (NME 007 – 1983) – 40s & 50s jazz
Smile Jamaica (NME 010 – 1983) – a good reggae selection
Low Lights And Trick Mirrors (NME 026 – 1986) – 50s jazz @192kbs
Blow-up UK (NME 030 – 1987) – 80s British jazz groups

*There is a blog dedicated to the collection but it only has links to the YouTubes of the tracks. So please email me if you can contribute some more mp3 folders, especially from this list of my undigitalised cassettes. Thanks.
NME 001 – Dancin’ Master (1981)
NME 002 – Jive Wire (1982)
NME 003 – Hit The Road Stax (1982)
NME 004 – Mighty Reel (1982)
NME 005 – Pocket Jukebox (1982)
NME 006 – Racket Packet (1983)
NME 008 – Mad Mix II (1983)
NME 009 – Ace Case (1983)

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