Why Jakartass’ Music?

Because it’s been part of my life since I was a lad. I remember my father’s shellac 78s, then his and my vinyl 33s and 45s, cassettes and CDs; most were piano jazz, his forté. And there was also a selection of new-fangled stereo effects LPs.

I’ve been to loads of gigs, built and lost three music collections – one of the penalties of moving house and/or divorce. Now, like you, thanks to the interweb thingy, I enjoy the pleasure of discovering new music, and rediscovering old.  The ‘net has considerably widened my listening pleasure, although the past is still present. And that is the point of this site: it’s one to listen to and I hope will encourage you to seek out more of the similar.

I’ve written many music related essays, reviews, profiles and obituaries for my blog Jakartass. several published in various English-language print media here in Jakarta. If you want to read them, then click here.

Alternatively, download And All That Jazz, a handy pdf anthology.


I know many jazz musicians here in Indonesia and am well aware that the majority of recording musicians worldwide are against the rampant piracy. If any artist is unhappy with anything I post, please write to me and I’ll take it offline.

Although I may post links from other blogs, what you download from here will be what is in my 4th collection of sounds, most mp3@320. As I’m lucky to get 15kbs upload speed, please don’t give me flack for not posting in flac.

If you prefer other formats, then I highly recommend the free Format Factory  for conversion of all (?) media files.

All comments, suggestions and thanks will be welcome.