Compilations 2016

This, the second year of compilations of music from my archives, is listed with the earliest at the bottom.

I upload to various cloud servers because some don’t seem to be ‘liked’. This may be because of the browser, or, more likely, because of the country you live in. However, something each cloud has in common is that if there are no downloads in a month, then folders are deleted. If there is one you really would like to hear, but the link is dead, please leave a comment at the bottom of the particular post, or email me.

Musician’s Obits 2016
Jakartass Xmas 2016
New 2me Music 2016
Road To Bali
Robert Petway
Dan Quinn’s Picks
England, My England
Post-War Non-Jazz Stomps
New Yogya Music
Lean Pickings
In Silent Ways
+ Silence (reuploaded)
Gamelanish Grooves 2
Blue In Green
Steve Reich at 80
Jazz In Space
Jazz About Midnight
+ Jazz ‘Around Midnight’ (16 versions)
Les Accordéonistes
Voice As Instrument
Boy’s Names N-Z
Boy’s Names A-M
Bank Robbery
Sugar Is Sweet
+ Jazzy Sweet
Children of Aleppo
Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!
Lyrical Jazz
Girls’ Names N-Z
Girls’ Names A-M
Mudik Madness
Stride & Stroll
Sam Songs
Rockin’ Violins
String Driven Things
Dan Fans
Music With Menaces (OST)
An Englishman Abroad
God Songs
The Coverlettes
Crap Covers
Nana Vasconcelos R.I.P.
Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016
Jazz Africa
Satu Lagi
Super Heroes (Bowie)
Georgio Gomelsky R.I.P.
Guitars On Knees